A Surgeon’s Perspective on Endoscopic Management of Surgical Complications and Bleeding with Eric M. Pauli, M.D.

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Dr. Pauli discusses endoscopic management of surgical complications, including bleeding and other problems that are common within the realm of General Surgery.


1. Introduction, a Surgeons View on Endoscopic Management of Complications (0:00)

2. Case Study – Stricture Dilation(6:00)

3. Case Study – Ulcers(8:32)

4. Case Study - Stricture (10:44)

5. Case Study – Imbedded Foreign Body Removal (13:04)

6. Case Study – Intra-Lumenal Foreign Body(13:54)

7. Case Study – Bleeding(15:00)

8. Case Studies – Gastrostomy (19:35)

9. Case Study – Gastricolic Fistula (28:39)

10. Case Study – Gastric Bypass, Anastamosis(34:01)

11. Why do Endoscopy?(40:27)